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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sex, Music and Everything in Between


Anyone who knows me knows I love music. I have a deep respect for artists, writers, producers, engineers, managers etc. But what I don't have respect for is taking the easy way out. A lot of people in the industry have lost their passion for making real music. Sex sells but enough is enough. I'm not saying every song about sex is shit but when did sex become more important than art? It seems nowadays you throw a thick girl in some hot shorts and fishnets, drop a few lines about what you'd like to do to her, maybe a bedroom scene or two and its a wrap. Anyone can write a song about fucking someone. Give me someone who can teach me something new, enlighten me. What happened to the ART in Artist? Don't get me wrong I know of plenty of artists out there giving their heart and soul to the art behind their work. I don't think those real artists get the recognition they deserve. I pay very close attention to lyrics, if you don't deliver something amazing lyrically, I'm not interested. I know this all goes back to the roots of Hip-Hop and R&B, my question is, when is it going to be about the music? When did we lose the artistry? Real music is on the rise. I look forward to the day I can watch Mtv JAMS and not have 6 songs in a row be about the SAME thing. Because we all know they are. Im sure your wondering what sparked all of this, its hard to explain. I was watching the new Ciara video "Ride" and I was so dissapointed. I thought about the song, the lyrics, the production, the message and I tried my best to be objective but as the video played I became more and more disgusted. I see a beautiul woman dancing around half naked singing about how sexy she is and how great she is in bed. WHY DO I CARE!? ( I don't ) Ciara needed to get her name back out there, I get it. Why did she take the easy way out? We all know It doesn't take a genius to make a catchy song (Roscoe Dash, Travis Porter Soulja Boy) but you don't have to buy into it. Just thought I would share my opinion.


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  1. Arius... I love you and your thoughts!

  2. I love you and your thoughts too. Men are different;so they must exploit every way they can, to be sure the women are "under" them. This is so valuable to them as a concept that they love the idea of whores who shut it(their own needs) all up and just get paid for a few minutes. Dreaming we are motivated like they are just to sex. Getting girls to do these videos is one way to keep things from changing in their egos. In relationship women need & deserve, men to respect our need to be loved in real romantic,sensual,intelligent faithful ways and conversations and give affection. If women don't settle, then no one will buy that other crap. Respectful artistry would seem fresh. But it's not just hip hop R&B and Rap that exploits the stupidity of lower males and whoredom have you seen rock n' roll and south park lately? You have to find real men who know they don't want that type of unhappy girl who would put up with being treated less than she deserves by a man. Men are "wired differently" so when one of them loves you enough to give respect to your needs treat him well. Tell him how important he is to you. Women who have self respect will not give the time of day to men who don't respect them (or art). Good observation Arius, these boys grow up with warped sense of what is cool/no role models to treat mom right/and become immature men who refuse to deal with a real woman and the conditions of relationship. They want a mommy that will love them unconditionally.Not a woman with needs,wants, feelings and opinions of her own to be considered and responded to. Broken from birth, they just feel inadequate and blame you for that! Don't tolerate any art that pisses on Jesus in a cup either! They are exactly the same as these "artists". The art of disrespect is the not-so-funny idiot's entertainment! These are living on a low level. Sad to think of the huge numbers of people wasting money they should spend rightly, to empower this as art! It's stating the depravity of the situation in our culture and values. Love gives without exploiting. That is the thing we need to look for in entertainment and our culture. See the flowering of human consciousness by Eckhart Tolley on You Tube!