She's HilArius

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

JULY 10,2010
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Monday, June 28, 2010

beyond the fear,

Shadows haunt me in my sleep
I fear the grim has come to reep
to rip away my beating heart
when I was blinded from the start
all hope is lost
Im fading fast,
bottled pain
from my past
is taunting me
it steals my light

"c'mon girl have you no fight!?"
defenses slowly dying
times like this I feel like lying
my heavy head on the ground
and sync my soul with the sounds
of the world and the beauty around

how peaceful I could truly be
I wish I pray that you would see
my heart and its beat
my chest cant take it
I scream and cry and pray I make it

my beacon of hope!
where have you been?!
save me from this life of sin!
with you I am so innocent
my GOD you must be heaven sent.
Im bowing scraping at your feet
just take me with you
plant the seed
I'll water myself, just watch me grow
5 minutes now until the show.
you ready?!
excited screams of joy and fear screech from the voices of my peers
pressures on don't crack yet dear
save that for tabloids next year
broken lives make better sales
don't forget what this entails
you belong to US oh darling dear
WE saved you when the end was near.
remember who was there in fact
before the world sees you crack.
now get it together oh diva you
before we break it all in two.
won't give you half

I peer into the looking glass
seeing shards of my past
mixed with pieces of my soul
and tiny flecks of the finest gold

now I remember who I am
not swayed by your words
could give a damn
about you and your standards
you can go to hell

I didn't mean that, I wish you well
life is too short to sell your soul
too long to burn out quick
so sip it slowly
drink it down
count the blessings all around.

keep pushing on my darling dear.
you will last beyond the fear.