She's HilArius

Sunday, May 16, 2010


I sit and wait.
Alone in my thoughts.
Will anyone understand?

I cannot put in to words the worlds of emotion slowly constricting around my fragile neck.
But you...
oh you, could care less.
The glass walls I've blown to enclose my beating heart are shattering.With every breath you break me down.
I gave you the key and the code to my door. You gave me hope, a smile on a broken hearts mask.

But how dare you take my heart for a joy ride. When my only goal was to please. I saw a bright future for you and I. That future now burried in a bed of lies.

Keep in mind, mine open to the world, you told me I was the only girl.
Share not what you have promised casting stones at my shattered windows.

When will it end? Lost in a world of love and lies I search for hope in anothers eyes. Healed not my broken windows remain.

Blemish of my heart your love is stained. Wishing only to scrub the pain away.

This love it haunts me night and day... I cannot bleed the love I gave

my shattered heart,

you could have saved.


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